The pandemic has impacted all of us, but for those who make a living providing access to live music things have become dire. Concert venues have been closed for 8 months. No live music means no income, which means people lose jobs and doors close. Our small privately owned concert venues have reached that point. Without our help, they will not be able to survive.

That Station and Band Together have joined forces to raise money for these local concert venues. Our campaign is called “Save That Stage” and that’s exactly what we intend to do. We can literally help them keep the lights on until live music returns. These venues don’t just host national tours, they also provide local artists with a place to perform, charities with space for hosting events, and they provide revenue to other businesses located nearby.

The entire eco-system is at risk.

If you would have attended a few concerts in 2020, we’re asking you to consider donating that same amount to “Save That Stage”. Rather than seeing a new artist or one of your favorites you’ll be helping the venues in our community stay open.

Thank you for supporting the music and the mission of That Station!

Here’s how to help!

Click to donate and directly fund the grants that will support our live music venues.

Click for graphics to share on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Use #SaveThatStage

Click for a PDF of our poster that you can print and share in your office or workplace break room.

If you are a venue in need, click to download the application and then send via email to Hannah Parker.

Scott Avett From The Avett Brothers

Save That Stage: Past Interviews

Adam Lindstaedt From The Pour House

Pat Dickenson from Lincoln Theatre

Rob Walsh From Local 506