A word from Chris Edge:

I grew up in a family that succeeded and failed at operating local businesses. The construction company and historic independent book store are still around, but there were a few failures along the way. My favorite attempt was when my grandfather, who was in his 70s decided it was a good idea to move to Cape Cod and open an ice cream shop that also sold pierogies (google these!). When that didn’t work out he moved back to Western Massachusetts and bought a small grocery market. It gradually added space for guests to get sandwiches and hot meals. I spent my sophomore year of high school riding the bus three times a week to help out washing dishes, delivering groceries, and whatever else he needed me to do. He worked 15 hour days, he knew all his customers, he made sure those without means that needed a meal could get one and he taught me and everyone else around him what it meant to work hard.

A local business is more than just a neighbor with an idea and a few bucks to try something different…it’s a person with a tremendous amount of passion. Often someone who would be baking or making their product even if it wasn’t for sale to the rest of us. Yes, the ingredients are locally sourced and the artisans that create, live here too but they also give here. These humble shop keepers are giving back in so many other ways you’re unaware of. Your purchase makes a difference.

North Carolina Specialty Foods – from our jars and tins to your table – dish up North Carolina’s specialty food.

Anna’s Gourmet Goodies

Baker’s Southern Traditions

Batistini Farms

Bertie County Peanuts

Big Delicious Brand

Big Spoon Roasters


Bud Sauce

Butterfields Candy

Cape Fear Pirate Candy

Carolina Gold

Carolina Kettle

Chapel Hill Toffee

Chocolate Smiles

Ema’s Treats

Flavor Seed

Fogwood Food

Ford’s Foods

Ginny O’s

Gotta Be Penelope’s

Heaven’s Gate Orchard

Herb’s Honey

Hops and Nuts Craft Beer Snacks

Julz’s Creations

Kalo Foods

King’s Pepper


Larry’s Coffee

Mike D’s BBQ

Mimi’s Mountain Mixes

Mrs. Ruth’s Jams

NC Fudge

Nons Salts

Norm’s Farms

Old Mule Company

Opal’s Candies

Rising Smoke Sauceworks

Sunburst Trout Farms

Sweater Box Confections

Tastin’ Jamaican

The Little BeeKeeper

Tracy’s Gourmet



Valley Brook Farms

Vegetable Kingdom

Yo Momma’s Style

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Elizabeth’s Pecans