Albums that turn 50 in 2022!

Here it is! Our curated list of the 12 albums we’ll celebrate turning 50 in 2022. There are certainly others worthy of the nod, but we think these twelve stand out! This year’s albums are a collection of Grammy winners, chart toppers, certified sales performers, and artistic innovators. We’re excited to play one for you each month! You can roll through the info graph below with album stats, the original release dates (when available), and the day it’s slated to play on That Station!

Plus we’d like to put YOU on That Station! Every time we play an album, we’d like you to host it! Share your experiences with listening to the selected album, seeing the artist in concert, or point out the songs on the album you think we should pay attention too. It’s your chance to be a Curator! Reach out to Chris at to let him know you’re interested. We’ve also got a curated playlist on Spotify.    

Our Spotify Playlist: